Who are we? Why do we do Boro Derby?
The Evergreen State Project is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 in Spokane, WA.
Our mission is to unite the artistic glass and cannabis community through charitable events that showcase the talent of artists and the cannabis culture. This is a collective effort to raise money and give back to those in need within our community.
A portion of our giving is distributed to organizations in our home state via The Evergreen State Project. Past recipients of that help have included Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Agape Home Women & Children’s Shelters, Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery and more. Another portion of our giving is shared with organizations in our host location. We work with locals to find worthy recipients. We have given directly to artist in need, we have given to the Injured Artist Fund, we have given to a kids camp and more.
This year we hope to establish a fund intended to directly support glass artist in times of need. This will be funds for emergencies or maybe even help with educational opportunities.