Boro Derby Rules and Race Process

Derby Process
We hope to run an invitational finals bracket of 32 racers at Glass Vegas 2019. Much of the finals bracket will be filled via a series of qualifying events. The qualifying events will not have an auction. You are free to keep the car you race in qualifying events. We will run a raffle at each qualifying event. We may also run auctions between events. Your donations for either of those are welcomed.
Your last opportunity to qualify will be on the first days of Glass Vegas 2019. We will run qualifying races for at least one full day and run the finals bracket on the last day.
The finals bracket will be be a head to head, best 2 of 3, single elimination race as done in the past. The winner of that bracket will be our 2018 Boro Derby Champion.

1- You must register to race.
This can be done online at or at the venue during the event. We will ask for a $25 donation for your initial registration. This includes a Car Number & Time Card, a Derby T-shirt, and a sweet “I built a race car” sticker to slap on your hood vent. If you wish to race more than one car you will need to register each car separately and obtain a separate car number for each car.
2-Your Time Card is good for 2 laps in each lane of the track.
Your 2 slowest times will be dropped. Your 2 fastest times will be averaged for a final “Qualifying Time”. This qualifying time will be used to determine if you move on to the finals.
3- You can run your 4 laps any time the track is open.
You can run them one at a time or split them up over then event. You can pick a friend to race head to head with or just race the person next to you in line. We will not wait for your friend if they are not there ready to race with you.
4- Before each lap you must present your Time Card to the Official Timekeeper.
The timekeeper will record the lane you race in and your time for that lap. You are responsible for ensuring that the record on your card is correct after each lap.
5- If you have already run your 4 laps and wish to run more that is fine.
A $20 donation gets you a new time card and 4 more laps.
There is no limit to the number of time cards you can buy. After 4 laps you will need to wait in line for others to race before running additional laps. IMPORTANT NOTE: Qualifying times must be averaged from a single time card. You can choose the time card you want to turn in but you can not average times from different time cards for your qualifying time.
6-You must turn in a completed time card in order to be considered for the finals.
You may only turn in one time card per car number. We are not responsible for and may not be able to replace lost time cards. HOLD ON TO THEM TIGHT!

Derby Rules
We want to encourage artistic expression. These rules are not in place to impede that expression but to ensure that your car will be able to safely run on our track.
If you have any questions about the construction of your car first see the FAQ page then feel free to ask anyone involved with the derby.

1-All cars must be constructed of glass.
Construction must be done “HOT”. Glue is prohibited in the primary construction of your car.
2-All cars must also function as a smoking device.
Do you need more explanation?
3-All cars must be under 18oz in weight.
This is measured with the car in “Full Race Condition.” This means you must consider the weight of your wheels, axles, accessories, etc. You are not allowed to add water to make weight. Your car must finish with the same weight is started with.

4-All cars must be under 6.5” tall.
This is measured from the ground to the top of your car. This means you must consider the height added by your wheels and axle setup.  If your cars is over height it will be broken as it passes under the timer tower. No over height cars will be allowed to race.
5-All cars must be under 10” long.
This is measured from the forward most point to the rear most point. This means you must consider length added by your wheels and axle setup. If you car is over length it will fall off the back of the track at the starting line.  
6-All cars must be no more than 3” wide.
This is measured from the left most point to the right most point. This means you must consider width added by your wheels and axle setup. If your car is over width it may hit the car next to it while racing.  
7-All axle tubes must be 1.75” wide.
This assures that your car will run on our track. Any more narrow and your wheels will pinch the tracks guide rails. Any more wide and your car will risk hitting the car next to it while you race.
If your axle tubes are not compatible you will not be allowed to race.
8-Your Axles must be secure in the axle tubes(wheels, axles, dowels, etc.)
This ensures that you do not lose a wheel during a race. This is the most common reason for a crash and/or broken car. If you can not secure your axles you may not be able to race.
9-No portion of your car should be lower than ⅜” or 10mm from the ground.
This is measured by putting your car on the track to see if it rubs. If your car dips below this clearance you will risk dragging on the tracks guide rails.
10-Your car must have a spot on the front, in the center, that will rest on the staging pin.
The staging pin is approximately 2” tall meaning your starting point should not be more than 2” high. If your car can not be properly staged it can not be raced.
11-No part of your car may extend ahead of the staging pin.
This includes the forward portion of the front wheels.
12-Cars that are not within the rules may be allowed to race in an Outlaw class.
If your car is out of regulation but can still safely run the track you will be included in the Outlaw class of racing. This class is not considered for finals qualification.